About us

The Pet Palace Experience

One of the things that our clients love most about The Pet Palace is that we are a family owned and operated business. We are all about being hands on! Here is what you can look forward to when your pet stays at the Pet Palace:

crownicon Dogs Love Us!

Yes, we can actually say that. No, we don’t just make this up because it sounds good, ask our pet parents and watch the pets as they arrive and depart our lobby. The joy expressed in these interactions is as good as it gets and why we started this business!

crownicon Trustworthy & Reliable

You can count on us. When you enter the front doors, we strive to make sure that your next Pet Palace experience is even better than your last! From our high standard of cleanliness to our  close attention to detail, our staff is dedicated to making each experience the best possible.

crownicon Report Cards

Daily food intake and overall health, as well as the activities you choose for your pet are accessed daily.  A report card is provided detailing your pet’s experience.

crownicon Welcoming Service

Our guests are treated like family. Knowing your pet by name upon his or her arrival is not unusual for our staff.  Eventually, we hope to know you by name as well! Everyone is “someone” at The Pet Palace and therefore receives the red carpet treatment!

Daily Lobby Hours


07:00am - 06:00pm


08:30am - 05:00pm


04:00pm - 06:00pm

Observed Holiday Hours

New Years Day


Easter Sunday


Memorial Day Eve


Memorial Day

04:00pm - 06:00pm

4th of July


Labor Day Eve


Labor Day

04:00pm - 06:00pm

Thanksgiving Eve

Lobby closes @ 01:00pm



Memorial Day

04:00pm - 06:00pm

Christmas Eve

Lobby closes @ 1:00pm



New Years Eve

Lobby closes @ 01:00pm

Why Choose Us?

The reasons are different for many of our clients, but here are just a few other reasons that The Pet Palace is recognized by clients as the best in the business:

crownicon “Raving Fans”

Yes, it is true. The Pet Palace has “Raving Fans.”  Most of our clients choose us because of a direct referral from their veterinarian, neighbor, or friend who is a “Raving Fan.” We have all seen the commercial where the actress states, “It has to be true, I read it on the Internet!” Reading about our resort on the Internet is one thing, but seeing or hearing from someone that has first hand experience is another. It is a daunting task to decide on place special enough to accommodate your four-legged baby while you are away. If you have not yet spoken to a “Raving Fan”, come take a tour, hang out in our lobby, have some coffee or some popcorn, and visit with “Raving Fans” as they come and go.

crownicon Veterinarian Recommended & Trusted

Being family owned, you will find us actively engaged in the day-to-day activity of the business.  We have a long history of working with area veterinarians, most of which are on a first name basis.  From daily business to various community events and training seminars, our partnership with area veterinarians spans 20 years and counting. Following a strict vaccination protocol for the health and safety of your pet is of utmost importance. Veterinarians are confident that your pet will receive the best of care when referring you to The Pet Palace. This trust is something that Darrell and Angela take great pride in and work hard to make sure that you experience first-hand on a daily basis.

crownicon Reliability

There is no need to ever worry whether your pet sitter, neighbor, or family member remembered to let your dog out.  There are a variety of events that occur on a daily basis that might prevent a pet-sitter from arriving in time to care for your pet, i.e. getting tied up in traffic or getting caught in bad weather such as flash flooding, Hurricanes etc.  Worry no more!  Never again will there be a need to concern yourself with whether or not your pet is bored and lonely at home or whether or not he or she will become destructive in your absence, causing injuries to himself and damage to your home. We are fully aware of all of the dynamics that one can be faced with when caring for your pet. Our incredibly knowledgeable staff of employees are available for your pet’s needs 365 days a year.

crownicon Full Service Pet Resort

We have it all: Daycare, Boarding, Spa, Training, Canine Behavioral Counseling, and Pick-up/Delivery (for Pets & Food). You will find our facility is incredibly spacious from our large enclosures to the individual play-yards, there are no cramped quarters here! We also offer a unique shopping experience with a variety of products including quality foods, treats, supplements, long-lasting & engaging toys, basic pet supplies, and extraordinary gifts for the pet lover, all under one roof!

crownicon Non-Smoking Facility!