Experience and research shows that pets who engage in mental stimulation, physical activity, and lots of human contact are happier and healthier pets. We have designed packages that maintain a healthy level of activity, socialization, and private one-on-one time with both staff and community play in order to meet the needs and activity levels of your pet, as well as your budget. Your pet is guaranteed a fun-filled day. All requested activities, or as we  refer to them “indulgences”, are in addition to the lodging fee for your pet.

Community Play – This cage-free environment is for dogs that exhibit good social skills. They spend their time playing, chasing, swimming and running in our community play yard. All dogs must pass an evaluation prior to engaging in this activity.
$15 for 1 session (half day), $25 for 2 sessions (full day).
While Boarding: $15 for 1 session, $22.50 for 2 sessions.
Multi Pet Discounts apply

Lodge & Learn – This training program is the perfect tool for the Pet Parent with a hectic schedule or for helping the pet that needs a consistent, strong foundation upon which the owner can then continue to build. Ultimately, consistency and the relationship that you develop will determine your success. Based on an 8-10 day stay, we will work with your pet on specific behaviors i.e. leash walking, recalls, or possibly even aggression issues. Upon pick-up, we will demonstrate the skills that were learned and lay out the program to reinforce at home. The Lodge & Learn program requires a high level of commitment on the owners part and comes with free follow up training sessions during subsequent boarding visits (as well as an open invitation to every basic training class). Prices are in addition to boarding charges.
$400 + boarding charges

Day School – Graduates of our training classes can brush up on all the basics during “Day School”. Commands such as “Sit”, “Wait”, “Down”, as well as Recall procedures, etc. will be worked on during this class time.
$10 for 20 minutes

Skinny Dippin’ – If your dog loves water, schedule a “Skinny Dippin’ Session”. He is free to Swim and Splash until his heart is content! All pool play is closely supervised. Life vests are available for those dogs who might need extra support. Your pet will be rinsed and towel dried off prior to returning to his suite.
$20 for each 30 minutes, Multi pet discount applies

Royal Brush – This activity is especially important for long-haired breeds that require daily brushing to prevent matting and tangling of hair. Medium-haired dogs should be brushed at least once a week. Short-haired dogs can typically go longer between brushes. Regardless of the length of hair, most all dogs enjoy daily brushing. More frequent brushing during shedding season can help prevent hair build-up and excess shedding.
$8 for 15 minutes

Taking Care of Business – This package is for those dogs that are accustomed to venturing out more often to “Take Care of Business”. A nice option for puppies and senior dogs that might have difficulty controlling their bladder for extended periods of time.
$3, multi pet discount applies

Palace Pal Suite Cuddle Time – Special One-on-One time is the “cat’s meow” with this pet suite package. Whether your pet prefers to cuddle, have their Pal read a book, play with that special toy or just spend their time being pampered with back scratches, belly rubs and all the TLC they can handle, is up to your pet. All pets sharing suite are included in this fee.
$6 for 15 minutes, multi pet discount applies

Individual Play Session – These play yard or play room sessions may include Frisbee throwing, ball playing, tug-of-war or a game of chase. This is perfect for those that love retrieving and non-stop engaging activities.
$8 for 15 minutes, $12 for 2 sessions in the same day, multi-pet family discount applies

Extreme Exercise – 1-2 Mile run for the pet that is accustomed to regular exercise. This package is great for the pet that has not been approved for community play but definitively needs to burn off LOTS of energy. Extreme Excercise is for Athletic Dogs only!! This can be done around the property or on the treadmill, dependent on weather conditions.
$12 per session

Fitness Club – Is your pet a Couch Potato? Could he stand to loose a pound or two. Many pets just don’t get the exercise that they require for their physical as well as emotional health due to our busy lifestyle. We have all seen “The Biggest Looser” on TV, obviously we all love our pets and want them to live as long as possible and hopefully the healthiest. Their chances are improved with adequate exercise and appropriate diet. This activity focuses on getting your pet moving again. From Power walks to treadmill time the activities vary depending on the pets abilities. Check out our Health & Wellness Retreat package which combine diet with exercise.
$22 per day, includes 3 – 10 min sessions 

Feline Pampering Session – Each session is customized to your kitty’s preferences. Activities include Petting, Brushing, Cuddling, Feather Play, Laser Tag, Chasing Toys and of course close up viewing of the fish tank!
$5 for 15 minutes

Out On The Town – This Private ride in our stretch limousine can be scheduled during their boarding stay for those interested in a private excursion around town for a change of scenery. Burger and ice cream stop optional!
$30 for 30-minute ride

Trans“Paw”tation / Limo Pick-up and Delivery – The Red Carpet Treatment is rolled out with our Limousine Trans“Paw”tation option for your pet. Price varies based on distance. Please see our Trans“Paw”tation page for more information.
$25 and up one way