Howl-O-Ween Hazards

Halloween Hazards The spookiest time of the year should not be the scariest time for you and your pets. Please keep your pets safe during the holidays and remember the dangers: -Halloween equals candy. Who does not enjoy the mouthful of sweet goodness? Remember, chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. Artificial sweeteners like xylitol may […]

Its all about the BLING!

Your Husband called and said to let you buy whatever you want, and make sure to show you the “bling!” You LOVE the bling! Who doesn’t love a little bling! If your pet doesn’t have a little charm hanging from their collar, or you don’t have any bling hanging from your rearview or key chain that your girlfriend […]

Pets LOVE to eat!

This question was submitted last week, and also came up in my training class last week, so I thought I would address it! “My dog inhales his food. I feed him the suggested amount, and he by no means looks like he is going hungry. What can I do to curb this behavior?” Dogs generally […]

Dogs Love Kale…and its good for them too!

If you have not joined our mailing list for coupons, scroll down to the bottom of this screen and do so now! I promise we do not pump your inbox full of useless time, just coupons and important reminders! February coupons have just gone out! For the next 14 days we will be featuring items […]

House Training your Pup!

One of the most daunting parts of training your puppy is house training.  Here are some basic steps and hints to follow when housetraining your dog: · Pick one spot in your yard to take your dog to for him to do his business. Choose a smaller rather than larger area. Make sure that this spot […]

New Years Resolution

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Pet Health Q & A

If you regularly pick up The Bay Area Health & Wellness magazine, you are ahead of the game! For those of you who have not yet picked up this months issue, click on the photo above and venture over to page 30! You will find Darrell & The Pet Palace featured in a brief question and answer […]

Reaffirm the Behavior your LOVE!

Rewarding behavior is our number one struggle in being pet parents. Often times we find ourselves inadvertently rewarding the behavior we do not like and falling short of praising the appropriate actions. For example, when Winston jumps on the couch, an action you do not approve of, yelling his name is actually telling him, “Good Boy, I love it […]

Suffer from Pet gas NO MORE!

Hi. My name is Jeff. I must confess that I am the dog in the picture above…I admit that I many times have been known to pass gas. I do not do this intentionally, but it happens none the less. Why you might ask? Are you aware that if you are seeing the “casual” face […]

Does your Dog’s tail wag to the left, or right?

What is your dog thinking about? One way to find out is to observe the wagging of her tail. Is it moving up or down? Fast or slow? A joint study from the University of Trieste and University Bari in Italy published some curious observations of “dog tail language” according to the researchers, when dogs […]