My Dog is Itching is there something you can bathe them in to make him stop?

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    My Pet itches a lot and many times when I take him to the groomers he either stops itches or the problem gets greater. Are there bathing treatments you offer to remedy this?


    This is one of our most common questions asked. Over the years we
    have tried most grooming products on the market geared toward this issue.
    One of our favorites are the Micro Tek Products, as it works to create the
    healthiest environment for healing and sooths upon contact. This shampoo
    contains a patent pending formula developed from NASA research on the
    decontamination of astronauts. It contains no soap or harsh detergents, will
    not burn or hurt open wounds, it is safe for puppies and kittens,
    non-steroidal, and alcohol free. In between Bathing there is a spay or gel
    to follow up with.

    While topical shampoos and sprays can certainly provide immediate relief for
    your furry friend, long term benefits can come by evaluating and making
    changes in your pets diet due to the fact that you pet is probably itching
    from something systemic. This can range from skin sensitivities, allergies
    to diet.

    Sensitivities can appear from something as simple as rolling in something
    that irritated the skin, such as grass that may have been treated with
    fertilizer or pest products to something that may have been used on the
    carpets or flooring.

    For other pets it may be linked to a food or grain allergy. You can often
    times correct this by changing their diet to a grain free diet or by adding
    supplements to their diet. Start by taking a look at the ingredients in the
    food you are currently feeding. A helpful site to visit which makes it easy
    to compare ingredients in your food is Once you select
    a food to try, we are happy to provide samples of several of the foods we
    carry. We offer a FREE 5# bag of Fromm to clients that have not been Fromm
    users in the past. The Pet Palace has a no questions asked return policy for
    any of the foods or treats we carry.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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