Lodge and Learn

Day Board & Train

This program is designed to focus on specific issues. The day will be spent on skills such as leash walking, recalls, or potential aggression issues. This is the perfect stepping stone to getting your dog off on the right paw with desired training objectives. Prior to departing, time will be spent covering the skills focused on throughout the day, as well as providing the necessary information and skills for reinforcing once you have your dog back at home.

Lodge & Learn

The Lodge & Learn training programs are wonderful tools for the Pet Parent with a hectic schedule.  The Lodge and Learn is a program that helps assist owners by providing a jump start in laying a consistent, strong foundation from he or she can then continue to build upon. Ultimately, the relationship you develop with your pet will determine your success rate. Based on a 8-10 day stay, we will work with your pet on specific behaviors i.e. leash walking, recalls, or possibly even aggression issues. Upon pick-up, we will spend time covering the program in order to provide you the tools necessary in order to reinforce at home.

Although a solid base is achieved at The Pet Palace through the Lodge & Learn program , the program still requires a high level of commitment on the owner’s part. The program does come with free follow up training sessions during subsequent boarding visits, as well as an open invitation to every basic training class. Prices are in addition to boarding charges.

Rescue Pets

The Pet Palace enjoys working closely with several local pet adoption / rescue organizations. Darrell is passionate about helping adoption organizations locate a forever home for their pets and offers education for their staff, evaluations, and even consulting sessions prior to bringing the pet home in order to help ensure the best possible experience for the pet and its new family. All Pet Palace training classes are available to pets adopted within the last 6 months at a 50% discounted rate. If you are thinking of adding a pet to your family, Darrell also counsels future pet parents during the selection process by working together in choosing an appropriate breed, whether it is your first pet or an added addition to your pet family. Be on the lookout for additional information, which can be found on our Adoption Page.

Class Schedules

Training classes are typically scheduled on Tuesday evenings, with the exception of CGC Classes. Please review our calendar for upcoming classes.

Behavioral Counseling / Private sessions are available by appointment Mondays – Saturdays.

Training classes are usually held on site in our training / community playroom, or outside depending on the skills being worked on in that particular training class and/or changes in the weather.