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House Training your Pup!

One of the most daunting parts of training your puppy is house training.  Here are some basic steps and hints to follow when housetraining your dog: · Pick one spot in your yard to take your dog to for him to do his business. Choose a smaller rather than larger area. Make sure that this spot […]

Pet Health Q & A

If you regularly pick up The Bay Area Health & Wellness magazine, you are ahead of the game! For those of you who have not yet picked up this months issue, click on the photo above and venture over to page 30! You will find Darrell & The Pet Palace featured in a brief question and answer […]

Reaffirm the Behavior your LOVE!

Rewarding behavior is our number one struggle in being pet parents. Often times we find ourselves inadvertently rewarding the behavior we do not like and falling short of praising the appropriate actions. For example, when Winston jumps on the couch, an action you do not approve of, yelling his name is actually telling him, “Good Boy, I love it […]