The Owners

Although we can technicangela-and-darrell-with-dogsally be called the King & Queen of the Palace we are better known as Darrell and Angela – the Owners/Managers of The Pet Palace Pet Resort.

We have always had a heart for pets. Much of our younger years have been spent around animals on farms and ranches. Like you, we were searching for a facility that could provide the quality of care and service that would meet the standard of excellence we expected for our pets. After not finding a facility that fit the bill we joined the industry by offering Pet Pals In-Home Pet Sitting to our clients.

We involved ourselves in as many pet professional organizations as we could find; such as Pet Sitters International, American Boarding & Kennel Association, and Association of Pet Dog Trainers to name a few.

After a few years into in the Pet Sitting business we became very aware that In-Home pet care is only ideal for a select type of pets. Being that dogs are “pack animals” they thrive on interaction and often unwanted behavioral issues arise when left alone for extended periods. Although the interaction was enjoyed by us as well as the pets, we found many times they either became destructive (especially the canines) or depressed and did not eat well with the limited attention 2-3 visits a day provides.

At the same time, our business had grown to almost 300 active clients and realized that we were in a situation where either we were going to have to take on additional staff or jump off the deep end and do what was really needed in the Clearlake, Friendswood, Pearland, League City, Pasadena area – open a State-of-the-Art full-service pet resort. And that is what we did!

Over the years, Darrell worked for the Airlines which provided great travel perks. During our travels we were able to attend numerous classes at pet conventions and toured boarding and doggie daycare facilities all over the country. This proved to be invaluable throughout the design and construction of The Pet Palace. The goal was to not only incorporate all the necessities but go above and beyond by including all the extras we felt were lacking in many facilities: extra Large boarding quarters for canines & felines, plenty of spacious exercise yards, suites that we not only just decorated like home but actually the size of rooms for the just like home feel – complete with TV’s, Ceiling Fans & Sliding Glass doors. Most importantly, the facility would be designed by an actual pet behaviorist, Darrell Bivens, ensuring all guests would experience the least amount of stress while boarding whether canines or felines.

After 10 years of pet sitting, The Palace doors were opened in 2003 to serve the Greater Clearlake, Pearland, Friendswood, League City and surrounding area.


One of the things we hear over and over that clients love most about The Pet Palace is that it is a family own/operated business. We are all about being hands on. Rarely will a day go by when you will not find both of us here placing orders for food & toys, helping with checking in/out the pets, facilitating a training class or even picking up “poop” – a never ending job!

Along our side are our children. Stephenie heads up special events, social media and marketing and is seen every morning and Sunday evening at the front desk making sure your arrival and departure run smooth. After school our youngest daughter Rachel coupled with 4 dogs Jackie (Great Dane), Leiah (Standard Poodle) and Fred & Ginger (Yorkshire Terriers) Darrell with training classes as needed.

Darrell can be seen daily managing the kennel operations focusing on boarding, daycare, group play activities, doing a pickup & delivery in the limousine and training of dogs as well as staff. His focus is on the behavioral aspect of how the facility is functioning. It is important that the overall “feng shui” if you will, in the kennel is in check. Not just with the mechanics, but the overall peacefulness experienced by employees and pets while here. He is constantly walking through the facility looking for ways to “tweak” things. It may require moving a pet to a different suite in the kennel or something as simple as changing the music. His does not stop there. His Behavioral expertise is also an asset in the Spa. It is rare but from time to time there is that pet that resists toenail clippings beyond even the best groomers abilities. He has been instrumental in helping the pet work through these types of issues as well as rehabilitation of pets put in difficult situations such as Ethiopia & Hurricane Katrina and numerous rescue organizations To name a few:

African Gido Cave Dogs – A local contact had been searching for a facility to help house and rehabilitate four dogs from Africa. Dr. Anteneh Roba had been working in Ethiopia and heard of several dogs that had been discarded in caves which had become common practice in that country.

Dr. Roba decided to take it upon himself to have the dogs retrieved and brought to Houston in hopes of getting them in a position that they could would become adoptable. The Pet Palace was the answer to his prayers. Anyone that has visited or worked with Darrell knows he never likes to pass up a challenge when it comes to a dog that others might feel is hopeless and the owner should consider putting down. Darrell and The Pet Palace staff were very successful in turning the rescued dogs lives around and eventually found owners for some and the others are spending the remainder of their life at a Colorado pet sanctuary. One major event Darrell was particularly instrumental in helping out was traveling with his mentor the late Lee Mannix to rehabilitate canine victims of Hurricane Katrina. Darrell spent a week in Austin along side Lee working as many dogs as possible and returned several weekends to continue the process. When it was all said and done, numerous canines were awarded their CGC certification. A few of the dogs were transported to The Pet Palace to continue the work and attention required to bring them to an adoptable state.

Angela’s duties include all the legwork so you don’t have to! Her passion is to help all those who suffer from food sensitive ailments or internal issues, most of which are given pills and shots daily to mask underlying issues. Extensive and continual research on pet foods, ingredients and nutrition helps keep the staff and clients up to date and knowledgeable on how to improve pets health and quality of life. Currently she is studying to receive a Clinical Pet Nutritionist Diploma. Angela makes sure the Pet Palace stocks only the best all natural pet foods and products free of artificial preservatives, fillers, additives and coloring for your pets. Along with that she is constantly searching for those engaging & indestructible toys that everyone wants and needs to keep fido happy and engaged. Angela also oversees the Grooming department and daily duties at the customer service desk and facilitates continuing education classes, vender as well as veterinarian led training for the staff.

Here are a few known facts about the owners:



Pet-Pal’s In-home Pet sitting – 10 Years
First Aid/Pet CPR Certified
Certified Pet Care Technician 1
CGC (Canine Good Citizen) Instructor / Evaluator
Dog Behavior – Lee Mannix Center for Canine
Behavior Problem Solving I & II – John Rogerson
Dog Language – Knowing Dogs 101
Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT) member
Katrina Canine Rehabilitation
Ethiopian Canine Rehabilitation



Pet-Pal’s In-Home Pet sitting – 10 Years
First Aid/Pet CPR Certified
Dogs Day Out Grooming School
Certified Pet Care Technician 1
The Lightfoot – Muscle Testing
Dog Language – Knowing Dogs 101
Pet Nutritionist – Currently taking classes towards C.P.N. Diploma