Howl-O-Ween Hazards


Halloween Hazards

The spookiest time of the year should not be the scariest time for you and your pets. Please keep your pets safe during the holidays and remember the dangers:

-Halloween equals candy. Who does not enjoy the mouthful of sweet goodness? Remember, chocolate can be poisonous to dogs. Artificial sweeteners like xylitol may cause serious problems with liver in out pets. Raisins are known to cause kidney failure in dogs. Avoid giving candy to your fur babies.

-Nothing makes the holidays feel special as decorations do! Candles, string lights, ribbons, toys, all may pose hazards to pets. Do not leave candles unattended – curious kittens and puppies may knock those over causing fire. Batteries from costumes, decorations, and flashlights may cause serious injuries when chewed up. Intestinal obstruction may develop when parts of toys are swallowed. Chewing on electrical cords may lead to severe injuries. Please keep your pets safe around the decorations, don’t trust your furry companions to make good decisions!

-We all smile at the sight of the well-dressed pup. But please be mindful of pet costumes. The costumes may cause overheating, strangulation, and, when chewed up, intestinal obstruction.

-Never let your pets have alcohol. It may lead to sedation, shock, and low blood sugar.

-Please keep black kitties indoors and in safety during Halloween. The Black Cat is the most vulnerable creature during this time of the year.

-In the joy of the moment with lots of outdoor activities happening, it is easy for your pets to escape. Please keep them inside, and consider microchipping your pets, so it is easy to reunite them with your family.

Have a fantastic, fun-filled, amazing Halloween! Please do not hesitate to contact your veterinarian if you suspect an ingestion of a toxic substance, trauma, or intestinal obstruction. It’s best if those conditions are treated promptly. Don’t forget: Safety – First, Fun – Second!

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